What plant is that?

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Photo credit: © Francis R. Underwood 2015

The mystery plant for December
has a very unusual-looking flower and is often overlooked on a
late spring walk through the woods. 
It is a member of a family in which all the members have specialized flowers. 
The flower on this plant has
3 sepals and 3 petals.
The sepals are linear in shape,
greenish-brown or purple-brown in color. 
The two lateral petals which are about
one-half the length of the sepals
are yellow-green in color. 
The third petal is the lip and
its color is more or less a
combination of the sepals and petals. 
Each plant has 5 whorled leaves
which are elliptical in shape
and 1-2 inches long. 
The stem bearing the leaves is 5-8” long.  The flowering stem is much shorter
and 1 to 2” in length. 
This plant can be found by carefully
exploring in open, dry to moist, acid woods
in May and June.

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