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Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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May 2022 Mystery Plant—whole plant

May 2022 Mystery Plant—whole plant

May 2022 Mystery Plant—whole plant

May 2022 Mystery Plant—close up

Top three photos: © Doug McGrady

Bottom photo: © Arthur Haines, The Native Plant Trust

Our May Mystery plant is
a woody sub-shrub that is more
common in northern New England
where summers are cooler, but it
has been reported in Providence
and Kent counties. It is considered
rare in Rhode Island and is a species of
concern. It has a whorl of ovate pointed
leaves and in May an umbel of tiny
greenish-yellow flowers surrounded
by four white bracts. It grows 4” to 9”
tall. The small red berry-like drupes
ripen in a cluster during late August
and give this plant one of
its’ colloquial names.

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